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6 Piston CME 8520 Brake Calipers(one pair)



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Applications:- Performance Road Front.- Factory Radi-CAL™ Brake Kits.Features: - Benefits from a radical asymmetric design concept.- Radial Mount, 195mm centres. - Suits...

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- Performance Road Front.
- Factory Radi-CAL™ Brake Kits.

- Benefits from a radical asymmetric design concept.
- Radial Mount, 195mm centres. 
- Suits Ø410mm or 380mm x 36mm thick discs.
- Forged two piece Aluminium alloy body.
- Aluminium alloy pistons.
- Boot type dirt seals fitted. 
- Advanced Red or Black anti-corrosion paint finish.
- Pad anti-rattle clip fitted.

Black Caliper Part Numbers:
- RHT = CP8520-2S0BG
- LHT = CP8520-3S0BG.
- RHL = CP8520-4S0BG
- LHL = CP8520-5S0BG

Red Caliper Part Numbers:
For Red calipers add 'R2' to end of Part Number e.g.
Brake Pad Information
To view larger image of pad click on Pad Part No

- Pad Area = 108.9cm²
- Pad Depth = 70mm
- Thickness = 16.75mm
Piston Sizes - mm Ø31.8 / Ø36.0 / Ø41.3
Piston Area - cm² 62.5
Disc Diameter - mm - Max = Ø410.0
- Min = Ø380.0
Disc Thickness - mm 36.0
Weight (No Pads) - Kg 4.65
Hydraulic Threads M10x1.0
Mounting Type Radial
Mounting Centres - mm 195.0
Mounting Offset - mm 49.50
Mounting Hole Ø - mm 12.10
PL Dimension - mm 70.0
Bleed Screw Tightening Torque - Nm 17
Pistons - Ø31.8mm = CP8336-116
- Ø36.0mm = CP8520-107
- Ø41.3mm = CP8335-111
Seal Repair Kit CP4527-EHK
Pad Retainer Type / Part No. Pin / CP7555-116
H / Piece and Bolt CP8520-106 & CP3596-112ST x 2
Bleed Screws CP3880-1

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